Cisco Command Christmas Calendar #3: show version

The third window opens and reveals our next Cisco command: show version. Arguably one of the most used show commands, the show version command displays information about the Cisco IOS software running on the device, the ROM Monitor and Bootflash software versions, and information about the hardware configuration, including the amount of system memory.

Specifically, the show version command provides the following information:
  • Software information
    • Main Cisco IOS image version
    • Main Cisco IOS image capabilities (feature set)
    • Location and name of bootfile in ROM
    • Bootflash image version (depending on platform)
  • Device-specific information
    • Device name
    • System uptime
    • System reload reason
    • Config-register setting
    • Config-register settings for after the next reload (depending on platform)
  • Hardware information
    • Platform type
    • Processor type
    • Processor hardware revision
    • Amount of main (processor) memory installed
    • Amount I/O memory installed
    • Amount of Flash memory installed on different types (depending on platform)
    • Processor board ID

The output of the show version command varies between Cisco platforms. The following is sample output from the show version command issued on a Cisco 7200 router running Cisco IOS Release 12.4(4)T.

Router# show version
Cisco IOS Software, 7200 Software (C7200-JS-M), Version 12.4(4)T, RELEASE SOFTW)
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2005 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Thu 27-Oct-05 05:58 by ccai
ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.1(20000710:044039) [nlaw-121E_npeb 117], DEVEE
BOOTLDR: 7200 Software (C7200-KBOOT-M), Version 12.3(16), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc4)
Router uptime is 5 days, 18 hours, 2 minutes
System returned to ROM by reload at 02:45:12 UTC Tue Feb 14 2006
System image file is "disk0:c7200-js-mz.124-4.T"
Last reload reason: Reload Command
Cisco 7206VXR (NPE400) processor (revision A) with 491520K/32768K bytes of memo.
Processor board ID 26793934
R7000 CPU at 350MHz, Implementation 39, Rev 3.2, 256KB L2 Cache
6 slot VXR midplane, Version 2.6
Last reset from power-on
PCI bus mb0_mb1 (Slots 0, 1, 3 and 5) has a capacity of 600 bandwidth points.
Current configuration on bus mb0_mb1 has a total of 440 bandwidth points. 
This configuration is within the PCI bus capacity and is supported. 
PCI bus mb2 (Slots 2, 4, 6) has a capacity of 600 bandwidth points.
Current configuration on bus mb2 has a total of 390 bandwidth points 
This configuration is within the PCI bus capacity and is supported. 
Please refer to the following document "Cisco 7200 Series Port Adaptor
Hardware Configuration Guidelines" on <>
for c7200 bandwidth points oversubscription and usage guidelines.
4 Ethernet interfaces
2 FastEthernet interfaces
2 ATM interfaces
125K bytes of NVRAM.
62976K bytes of ATA PCMCIA card at slot 0 (Sector size 512 bytes).
125952K bytes of ATA PCMCIA card at slot 1 (Sector size 512 bytes).
8192K bytes of Flash internal SIMM (Sector size 256K).
Configuration register is 0x2002

Cisco documentation: Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference