Happy New Year!

Hello! It's been quiet in this blog lately. I haven't stopped studying or creating content, but I've started uploading videos on YouTube recently. Like last year I posted the Cisco Command Christmas Calendar on this blog, this year I've done a similar series on the Network Playroom YouTube channel. Here is the list of topics for this year's Christmas calendar:

1. Basic Routing Principles (Cisco IP Routing)

2. Routing Information Sources | How The Routing Table Is Built

3. Best Path Selection

4. BGP RIB-Failure

5. What is the difference between the ip default-gateway, ip default-network, and ip route commands?

6. Route Summarization

7. Loop Prevention at Layer 2 vs. Layer 3

8. Spanning Tree Protocol Introduction

9. Bridge Priority

10. Quick Spanning Tree Protocol Lab

11. BPDU Breakdown and STP Timers

12. STP Cost vs. Port Priority

13. STP Cost vs. Port Priority Lab

14. STP Flavors

15. 802.1Q Frame Format

16. BGP States

17. iBGP vs. eBGP

18. iBGP vs. eBGP Lab

19. BGP Message Types

20. BGP Path Attributes

21. BGP Well-Known Mandatory Path Attributes

22. BGP Tables

23. Why BGP Ignores Paths

24. BGP Best Path Selection

Thank you for reading and watching!

Happy New Year!

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