[NEW VIDEO] Where Have I Been? What's Happening Next?

I've posted a new video on my YouTube channel explaining why the channel has not been active for a long time and what is happening next (with the channel). The short answer is that I experienced some hardships in my private life, and as a consequence, I got majorly sidetracked from my studies to the point where I stopped completely. Then I had to focus on renewing my Cisco certifications, for which the deadline was only a few months away at that time. I did not have the energy or interest to maintain regular uploads on my YouTube channel while dealing with everything else.

Times are different now and I hope to change that. My plan is to reactivate the channel and start uploading videos more frequently. There will be no strict upload schedule, in case I'm not able to follow up with it again. The content will be "free and unplanned" - it can vary from simple beginner videos to in-depth tutorials on range of topics with no logical flow. I used to think I had to focus on major topics and cover them in reasonable detail before moving on to other subjects, but I've completely abandoned that thought. Now the focus will be on topics I'm learning at the moment and what I'm excited about. If that means going in circles with unrelated topics, so be it.

Watch the full video here.

Thank you for supporting this blog and the YouTube channel!