Quick Study Notes: BGP Neighbor Relationships

eBGP Neighbor Relationships:
• different AS number: eBGP neighbors must reside in different autonomous systems
• defined neighbor: a TCP session must be established before exchanging routing updates
• reachability: by default, eBGP neighbors must be directly connected

Basic eBGP Configuration:

1️⃣ Enable the BGP routing process.
Example: router bgp 64496

2️⃣ Establish neighbor relationships.
Example: neighbor remote-as 64511

3️⃣ Advertise networks with BGP.
Example: network mask

** UPDATE June 28, 2020 **  The video is available! Watch here:

** UPDATE July 4, 2020 ** Demonstrating the iBGP vs. eBGP concepts in a GNS3 lab. Video available here: